My Services

During the initial visit, the patient receives a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and examination.   Areas of focus during the initial visit include presenting illness or complaint, psychiatric history, medical history including medications, substance use history, family history, and social history.   From here, and with any medical records that can be supplied, an accurate assessment and diagnosis or diagnoses can be made.


Recommendations & Treatment Planning

Dr. Hodges provides a comprehensive treatment plan that is evidence-based and yet tailored to each individual.   Thoughtful consideration of each person’s unique differences and needs, concurrent medical issues, personal preferences, and other factors go into making the individualized treatment plan which is a collaborative effort between the patient and Dr. Hodges.  Referral to other medical professionals and psychotherapy referrals will be provided as needed.


This is a service provided during subsequent follow up visits.   Dr. Hodges will ask about interval history such as any changes in symptoms, progress since initiating treatment, medication side effects, and any other medication issues.  This is also a time when additional information not previously discussed may be shared and addressed.


Dr. Hodges believes that psychotherapy or talk therapy is an essential, component of any comprehensive mental health treatment plan.  She provides ongoing psychoeducation, supportive psychotherapy, short-term goal-oriented therapy, and uses the tools from multiple other psychotherapy modalities. 

Further, Dr. Hodges provides any needed referrals to well-trained specialized mental health providers in the Austin area.


In order to provide the most complete & comprehensive treatment plan, Dr. Hodges collaborates with other medical providers when possible, necessary and indicated.   Dr. Hodges does not however share any information with any other person, provider or institution except with the express written consent of the patient, and/or in the event of a medical or psychiatric emergency, as per the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Federal Laws which protects privacy of patient health information.


Many psychiatric disorders wax and wane, or are chronic in nature.  Other psychiatric disorders are short term or time limited in nature.  Dr. Hodges provides the psychiatric care and management to each individual for as long as is clinically indicated and desired by the patient.  Patients may be discharged from psychiatric treatment, and later resume treatment should symptoms re-emerge, change, or worsen.